Many seniors living alone experience social isolation, which can reduce their motivation to prepare and eat meals.

Without family or community support, seniors may have no one to assist with grocery shopping or meal preparation.

Seniors living alone who cannot shop, cook, and prepare their meals are at significant risk of malnutrition and starvation.

Addressing this issue requires the help of an in-home caregiver who can assist seniors with daily tasks of living such as cooking and preparing meals.

An in-home caregiver can help ensure that seniors maintain their health and well-being, even when living independently.

Making sure those seniors living alone receive the support they need so they can stay happy and safe at home is our top priority.

At Concierge Care, we only refer the very best qualified and compassionate caregivers who have been thoroughly screened and love to care for seniors.

Concierge Care is an award-winning home care referral service serving the Tampa Bay, Clearwater and Pasco County areas in Florida. They are among the top 10% best home care referral companies in the entire United States.

Concierge Care offers free consultations to help adults in need of compassionate and reliable caregivers. To schedule a free consultation with the professionals at Concierge Care, you can call (813) 345-4747.

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Service Disclaimer: Concierge Care locations are care-provider referral services. Our locations help match clients seeking a home care provider with pre-background-screened, pre-credential-verified care providers who operate independently and are not employees of Concierge Care locations. Our nurse registry model supports consumer-directed home care, where the consumer determines all aspects of their home-care arrangement.