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Senior Care Services In Tampa – Concierge Care Review

Carolyn Is Thankful To Concierge Care For Referring Their Overnight Caregiver, Jasmine

Carolyn Shares Her Story

“Hi, I’m Carolyn, I’m Claire and John’s daughter. And I pretty much manage their health and their life, I think, at this point. I do pretty much everything for them.

And I’m so thankful when we found Concierge Care because they, out of the gate, were so accommodating with everything. And even patient with us when we were losing patience by not having the right fit right away. And they were just great.

Penny was just wonderful coming to the house for testing and re-COVID testing and things like that.

And my experience overall with our caregiver, Jasmine, is just top notch.

My husband’s a physician and does house calls. And I hear his frustrations every night about people not having advocates or having anyone to do the little things. Or you know, he comes and no one has attended to them at all.

And so, Jasmine being here at night, she’s seeing the little things that I can’t see when I’m at home. And she’ll always text me the next morning to say: “Mr. John has a little ear sore. I put some Bacitracin ointment on it;” or “Mr. John didn’t sleep well. He was snoring a lot.” She’ll take a video of it. “Mr. John needs pads for his underwear.” You know, things like that.

She’s constantly communicating with me. And then when I come and read the book of what she did at night as well, that’s just further affirmation that someone is caring for them when I can’t care for them.

Because I’m pretty much a micromanager with them. I want to know every little thing that’s going on because every little thing could be something I’m going to miss, and that might turn into a big thing.

So if there’s a cough, there’s colored urine, there’s something. I got to know about it and Jasmine is there. But what I really truly love about, other than Jasmine’s personality and how it’s done with love what she does, because she really does care for them.

She texts me, “Everything I do is out of love for your parents.” But she cares for my mom as a person, but she talks with my mom, they have a nice friendship. But she does little things for mom, even though that’s sort of not in her job description, because her client is dad first and foremost.

She’ll chop up little strawberries and leave them in a bowl, covered, for mom when she gets up in the morning. She’ll take out the breakfasts and lets them defrost, so that they just need to put it in the microwave. She’ll do all these little things that are really big things because it’s less my mom has to do as a caregiver for her husband, when she’s not well. And then she could lose her patience easily because she’s tired or didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

So you know, I’m ever so thankful for Concierge for all they do, but for giving us Jasmine, and thankful to Jasmine for all she does. And I think that she is a model for other caregivers because she has a lot of experience and a lot of love, and she could really help other people to give the best quality care. So, thank you.”

Senior Care Services in Tampa Help Carolyns Father

~ Concierge Care Client’s Daughter ~

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