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Overnight Home Care For John – Concierge Care Review

Claire Is Happy That Her Husband's Overnight Caregiver, Jasmine, Is A Perfect Match For Them

Claire Shares Her Story

“My name is John. And I’m Claire. I wanted to tell you about our journey with Concierge Care. It started in January of 2022 when John had two strokes. That’s me, I’m the star. He’s the star, right.

We have had Concierge Care to date, and we still do. We started with 24/7 care around the clock with 12-hour shifts, two people. And we had a variety of people, aides, who came in to help us.

At that point, I was very ill for just having heart surgery. So, I was unable to do the care for John that he needed, such as bathing, and giving him his medicine and helping him with toiletries and a lot of other things.

And it was a rocky road to start because we needed to find the right combination of people to work with us. And these people had to be knowledgeable, sympathetic, helpful, in all avenues around the clock to us.

Finally, in the end of February, we had had a woman named Jasmine, who came and assisted us during the evening three days a week. And I realized that she, having the knowledge and experience, was exactly what we needed.

So, as of today, we’ve had Jasmine, who now works seven days a week, from 11:00 at night to 7:00 in the morning, who takes care of John, any needs that he has.

She stays while he sleeps right near him, so that if his breathing becomes problematic. He has sleep apnea. He wears a CPAP and he has had multiple problems with his fluid.

In August, he was on death’s door with 35 pounds of fluid around his heart and lungs. And he now is a patient at the VA hospital, a Korean War veteran at 91.

And they took very good care of him in intensive care. But the VA allowed Jasmine to come in at 11:00 at night after my daughter spent from 8:00 to 11:00 with her father, and then stayed until Carolyn arrived in the morning.

And she monitored his breathing and everything even though he was in critical care at that point. Fortunately, miraculously we want to say, his fluid dissipated overnight. And he was able, after nine days, to come home.

And we still don’t quite know why he has this problem. So, he’s on a myriad of different medicines. He’s got quite a few doctors and stuff. But his improvement from the stroke of being paralyzed on the whole left side was monumental. And we never thought, having two strokes that night on the first of January 2022, that he would ever recover.

But as you can see, he’s doing beautifully. He’s walking with a walker and his brain is functioning. He can joke, he can do everything. He can read books, go on the computer.

But we’re so thankful because at the point of when he had the stroke, we first had another caregiver, and this company was not good. And so, when John got COVID pneumonia they refused to come and service us any longer.

And so, fortunately, St. Joe’s hospital, had Concierge‘s name and they contacted them.

And Jordan, who’s one of the owners, was so kind because we needed a hospital bed. We needed a lot of special protection gear for the people that would come in (aides): gloves; gowns; you name it.

And he, himself, came and brought all this stuff to the house and helped Carolyn assemble the room for him to have care. And I never forgot that.

Over the years, we’ve had Penny who helped me with our long-term care because I’m partially blind and I couldn’t fill out the papers. And she came and helped me with all the financial problems that I was incurring during this time.

Many times I thank the whole team for being really professional.

And I recommended them to my own sister and her husband who were in need of good care, which they did get from Concierge. And we would like everyone to know that we, at 91 and 87, are still here because of the care that we have had through Concierge.

And I hope that people looking at this will remember what I said, that give it a little time if things don’t always work out great in the beginning. Spend a little time and figure out what your actual needs are.

Jasmine keeps a list in a book for me every night of all things she does. So that in the morning, I come up and I can read this and know exactly how many times John had to go to the bathroom, how many times he would wake up, how did the CPAP work. Does he need his clothes? She picks them out, she does his laundry.

It may seem like little things but when you’re my age and your handicapped, these things mean a lot. So, try to remember, they may not be perfect, the first few, but eventually it would be. So I would recommend Concierge Care. Thank you.”

Overnight Home Care in Tampa

~ Concierge Care Client’s Wife ~

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