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Concierge Care Review – In-Home Senior Care Services

90-Year-Old Client Betty Loves Her Homecare Referral Services

Betty Shares Her Story

“My name is Betty Vance. I’ve been in Florida since 1980. I love living in Florida, and that’s why I think I lived to be 90.

I’m so pleased.

In 2010, I fell, and I bought some home health insurance. I thought well I may need it, you never know.

I never thought I’d be around until I was 90.

Then I started using it finally in 2022, after all these years.

I’m working with Concierge Care. I’m very, very happy.

One of the owners lived close to somebody I knew, so I had wonderful recommendations from many people about Concierge Care and I’ve been very, very happy with them.

And it’s been awhile now. I’ve had several caregivers and I’ve been very happy with all the services they’ve provided.

When I need help, there’s always someone here.

I remember once, and I don’t remember what it was. I think we were going to have a hurricane or a tornado or something and I needed something. I called the company, and one of the owners came right down.

You know, so I thought that was wonderful. Like I said, and all the things they do, oh my goodness. I would definitely recommend Concierge Care to everyone.

I love home health care because I can stay in my home. I love my home.

I love to look out. I can see the water, I can see the sunsets. I see people, I see children, I see animals.

I just feel so alive. Rather than be in a place where I see everybody with a walker like me.

But, I feel I made a very wise decision.

This is my caregiver Jenny, and I’ve had you since when? Six months now?

And she’s been absolutely wonderful. There isn’t a thing she doesn’t do. She can read my mind. Absolutely.

Oh my goodness. She does personal things like the hair, the nails, the shower. She takes care of the house, the indoors, the outdoors. She’ll sweep the porch. You know, everything indoors that needs dusting.

Preparing the food. And when she isn’t here she prepares some food so when she isn’t here I have some food for the future, which is so wonderful.

She said when you get to be my age, your reflexes are awfully slow, and it’s not safe.

So where do you take me? Everywhere, right?

We go to the doctors, we go to Publix, we go to the drugstore, we go to the library, to the bank and sometimes we just go for a ride. Just for a ride.

And what do you think is the most difficult thing with me? The most difficult thing is when we go to the store, and she don’t know…like she’ll buy something, then say, “Oh Jenny can you go back, put it back, and get another one?”

I’m a Gemini.

Yeah, she can’t make up her mind.

It’s hard to make decisions. Really, it takes us so long to do grocery shopping, doesn’t it?

What do you like doing in the house best for me?

I like to clean the house and make her some food. I like cleaning outside, and take care of the bath and do her hair.

Oh yes, everything, you know. I mean, I just feel I can live in my house. Oh my goodness. It’s like an angel from heaven. Really. Yeah. I want to keep her and I love her.”

Elderly In Home Care Tampa Client Betty

Betty V.
~ Concierge Care Client ~

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