Seniors should be getting outside and enjoying the beautiful Florida weather this time of year!

Studies Show That Regular Outdoor Excursions Can Prevent Depression and Anxiety

Studies have shown that seniors who get to spend time outdoors, visiting the park, the beach and getting sunshine can enjoy several physical and mental benefits.

Outdoor excursions and time spent in nature can help improve mood, decrease the chance of depression, decrease stress levels, and help improve cognitive function.

Getting Out In The Sunshine Is Beneficial To Seniors

Sunshine on their skin helps provide much-needed vitamin D, and breathing in fresh air can help invigorate them.

Those with limited mobility or those who need to be in a wheelchair should be taken on outdoor excursions as frequently as possible to help keep them excited about life and keep their morale high.

Companion Caregivers Can Help If Family Members Are Busy

Often times, however, family members are working or busy caring for their children, and elderly loved ones must stay home with no one to take them outdoors for fun excursions.

This is where a personal caregiver can help!

Personal in-home caregivers can help keep your elderly loved one active and motivated for each new day.

Having planned outings with their caregiver will give them something fun to look forward to, which will help keep them happy.

Caregivers Can Help Seniors Live Life To The Fullest

Not only will an at-home caregiver help provide basic care for your elderly or disabled loved one, but they can also get them out into the fresh air to enjoy fun excursions, with full supervision and support, so they can stay safe.

If you need in-home care for your elderly loved one, you can count on award-winning home care referral service, Concierge Care, to help refer a reliable, professional and compassionate caregiver who will be by their side, taking care of them and helping them enjoy life to the fullest.

To schedule a free in-home care consultation, you may contact us now at (813) 345-4747.

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